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Squashing Bugs

Posted on: 2014-07-22T03:21:00.001-07:00
So sites been kinda vacant for a while mostly because I've been too lazy to figure out what exactly was causing it to lag like crazy. Turns out it was an update in googles api... #complicated That being said, there's been a lot of action going on lately. been steady in rotation on AVR (much thanks to DJ Sharkdog). dropped a new album (De-Filed) as seen below and now I'm in talks with a couple really amazing rappers who intend on using my music. so yea... there's your mandatory yearly update.

Maintenance done.

Album up.

Science complete.



Posted on: 2014-07-21T03:24:00.000-07:00
New Album is out now. Basically it's a fistfull of old stuff. with a few new tracks tossed in for flavor. as always


finally Getting some radio time?

Posted on: 2014-01-21T22:46:00.002-08:00
Well Feindlings it looks like I'm going to have a track or two played this coming friday on an internet radio station. (link below) beyond that there really isn't much to update on. those of you who care, probably keep up at the sound cloud. those of you who don't have already choked. umm... yea that's about it.

expect more soon... I'll eventually package the large amounts of crap I'm tossing up now into some neat little albums and post about it on here like I always do... until then...



Download this album

01. Introductions [MP3]

02. Sigh [MP3]

03. A fine Mess [MP3]

04. CtOS [MP3]

05. Psychopharmacology [MP3]

06. after the beep [MP3]

07. Nearly Human [MP3]

08. Hoods [MP3]

09. Makeshift-wings [MP3]

10. Bleeding out in stereo [MP3]

11. Dark Holes [MP3]

12. Mouthfull [MP3]

13. Drag [MP3]

14. Remnants [MP3]

15. pleasant [MP3]

Spraypaint and Razorblades
Download this album

01. Drift [MP3]

02. Float [MP3]

03. Decay [MP3]

04. Contemplations [MP3]

05. Lithium lullaby [MP3]

06. Defiance [MP3]

07. The Wizard [MP3]

08. Scratches [MP3]

09. Signal [MP3]

10. Hope[less] [MP3]

Download this album

01. Abuse Me [MP3]

02. GroundSwell [MP3]

03. Braver [MP3]

04. DarkSider (Shadenfist Remix) [MP3]

05. Watch The World Burn [MP3]

06. TakeOver [MP3]

07. Rising Tides [MP3]

08. Dirge [MP3]

09. Whispers [MP3]

The Black City
Download this album

01. Echos [MP3]

02. Atom [MP3]

03. Reflections That Bleed [MP3]

04. The Lab [MP3]

05. Visions [MP3]

06. Tyranny [MP3]

07. The End Game [MP3]

08. Fighting Myself [MP3]

09. Dirt [MP3]

10. Tyrant (After-the-fall Remix) [MP3]

Download this album

01. Emerge [MP3]

02. Sine Luminis [MP3]

03. [I am] The Villain [MP3]

04. Feed [MP3]

05. release [MP3]

06. aftermath [MP3]

07. animus refero [MP3]

08. Submerge [MP3]

Cityscene and Morphine Dreams
Download this album

01. Keyhole [MP3]

002. Cold keys and wet streets [MP3]

03. The Way She Bleed [MP3]

04. so i heard you survived [MP3]

05. Static cleansing [MP3]

06. Siphon [MP3]

07. Burning for you [MP3]

08. A Simple Question [MP3]

09. Love The Bomb [MP3]

Download this album

01. Catoptrophobia [MP3]

02. Eden [MP3]

03. Hi beams [MP3]

04. circling the epicenter [MP3]

05. My Monster [MP3]

06. The Voices [MP3]

07. Breaking Sound [MP3]

08. Anjealousy [MP3]

09. A dark Passanger [MP3]

10. Lost in thought (Memories) [MP3]

Fistful of Feathers

01. Agression [MP3]

02. A dark Passanger [MP3]

03. Angore [MP3]

04. Anjealousy [MP3]

05. A New Monster [MP3]

06. A Simple Question [MP3]

07. Bullet Proof [MP3]

08. Breaking Sound [MP3]

09. Cyber Monk [MP3]

10. Confessions of a thought Criminal [MP3]

11. Drum [MP3]

12. Dirty Distraction [MP3]

13. Dangerous Groups [MP3]

14. Darkness In the SouthEast [MP3]

15. Empath [MP3]

16. Eden [MP3]

17. Field of Lillies (Crushed LIlies Remix) [MP3]

18. Haze [MP3]

19. Last Call (Insignia Remix) [MP3]

20. Lost in thought (Memories) [MP3]

21. Love The Bomb (5 Mega Tonne ReMix) [MP3]

22. Love The Bomb [MP3]

23. My Monster [MP3]

24. the simple question [MP3]

25. Panic [MP3]

26. RXDiety (last Call Insignia Mix) [MP3]

27. so i heard you survived [MP3]

28. Spirals [MP3]

29. Sweat and Gasoline (Fetish Mix) [MP3]

30. The Break Down [MP3]

31. The Beast Rises [MP3]

32. the dream to dream liver [MP3]

33. The Last Rays [MP3]

34. Transmissions [MP3]

35. The Way She Bleeds [MP3]

Worse for Wear
Download this album

01. In Absinthia [MP3]

02. E.F.M. [MP3]

03. Season Of My Discontent [MP3]

04. Et Tenebris [MP3]

05. Sweat and Gasoline (Fetish Mix) [MP3]

06. Love The Bomb [MP3]

07. Beneath waves [MP3]


0. [MP3]

01. All Is Lost [MP3] | [OGG]

02. Civil Unrest [MP3]

03. Nocturne [MP3]

04. Obsess To Death [MP3]

05. Crush [MP3]

06. Sinthetik [MP3]

07. Maelstrom [MP3] | [OGG]

08. 8 Bit Glitch [MP3]

09. Binary Soul [MP3]

10. Blink [MP3] | [OGG]

11. Steam [MP3]

4/20 Special
Download this album

01. Rolling [MP3]

02. Smoke [MP3]


01. The Beast Rises [MP3]

02. Epilogue [MP3]